A Song For The Traders


He ambled up to her w/ a drunken swagger
and a twist in his skinny hips like a young mick jagger,
he said alright darlin have you got a light?
she said if you think yr a hopeless romantic yr only fifty percent right

start at wetherspoons,
drink yr weight by half 8
then onto somewhere different but the same,
ending up later at wherevers open late,
its another night out in a provincial town mate

he said you shouldn't try to hold more than you can carry
but it looks like you've got yr arms tight around me,
she said i think yr alright but yr a right fuckin wally,
and he blushed and he coughed and drew her under his brolly

they drink their way up
and they drink their way down
and they crawl back home w/ a dent on his crown,
they stay up til 6 when no ones around
sitting on the roof while the rain comes down

the ring road quarantines them from the culture
but they dream of a more hopeful future
they make their own beauty...