Hi! So, my name is Tommy Comstock, I play trombone and sing in The Psyche Out Musikland Band. A few years ago I started recording some lo-key acoustic tunes and released a tape, it was supposed to end there.

I started putting on acoustic shows in my front room in Portsmouth and met lots of really amazing people. Since then, I've released a bunch of tapes, CDRs, and an album called 'Anchor Yourself to Something Steady'. I've toured the country god knows how many times playing house shows, squats, vegan cafes, gardens, band shelters and community centres.

During this time I learnt a lot about the world and a lot about myself, I ate a lot of chilli con tofu, drank too much whisky, smoked too many cigarettes, had my trousers pulled down mid-song, rode a lot of trains, got snow trapped in the Welsh Mountains, appeared drunk on the radio twice, and met some true dudes.

Since then I've kinda got out of the habit of playing so much, this has to STOP! Eventually new songs appeared, but I needed a change, decided to collect some people around me to kick my arse when I get lethargic. I recruited my old friends Dave Collis (from West London post-punkers Action and Action), and Ricardo Bowman (from sadly defunct funk/punk legends RBAP). They kept me focused, turned my sketches into an almighty racket.

David Cameron Diaz is a DIY punk rock band from High Wycombe. We play noisy songs with too many words about life, love, booze and work. We'll play in your town for petrol money. Bye.